maintenants, synapse officially started 2007.
As a lifetime work-in-progress experiment, it involves a scanner, computers
, internet, paper, printers, culture goods and tons of people
, some dead and some alive.
maintenants, synapse can be comprehended through
diverse devices/variable point of views. Among others:
¤ AUGURI-a-dit
¤ Le Voyeur
¤ colloq.
¤ pÆnsement/dreXing
¤ Pavé Numérique.

colloq. is the artist magazine associated to the whole.

The first issue of colloq. magazine is out.

After having played the Soldier part in Le Voyeur department, Márton Koppány is now the first Guest Author at colloq..
As such, he:
a.thoughtfully diced (-3;-1), which happen to be the online maintenants, synapse coordinates of a post consequently chosen with its 4 corollaries to be 'translated into' the 5-in-1 inside of colloq.1.

b.kindly designed an artwork echoing to the magazine inner parts, and to become its front cover.